Granny Rockers LLC

Granny Rockers LLC    
Jim Watts

Welcome!  Granny Rockers L.L.C. is a one person business which builds rocking chairs, swings and side tables for sale at various arts and crafts shows around the southeast.
I am Jim Watts, the designer, builder and owner.  I am a former Marine and Viet Nam Veteran, retired high school art teacher, middle school administrator and served as Mayor of Bowdon, Georgia for twenty years.  My wife Becky, also a retired teacher, helps with the sales at shows.
 I began to build my shop several years before I retired and it was completed after three years.  Wishing to build different things out of wood, the shop was equipped with woodworking tools.  The learning process was by trial and error, reading books, watching television programs about woodworking and looking at printed plans.  Norm Abrams  (This Old House) had one viewer trying to learn how to do different things and tools needed to accomplish the job.
Teaching did not allow my wife and I to travel to craft shows that required travel on Friday so we were restricted to doing local shows.  Upon retiring, we began doing craft shows at greater distances from home.  This allowed us to travel to various places we had never been and make friends with crafters we meet.

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